Speaking: Leadership Through Passion

Nancy M. Williams is a motivational speaker who delivers workshops on "Leadership Through Passion" to corporate and association audiences. She includes live music entertainment to create a multisensory experience.

Nancy M. Williams’ keynotes and workshops on Leadership Through Passion and Claiming Your Passion draw on participants’ passions as a springboard for cultivating a well-balanced life. She taps into her experiences as a business executive, as well as her expertise in passion and self-fulfillment, to address corporations, associations, and women’s groups. She has addressed thousands across North America.

Leadership Through Passion: How Claiming Passion Creates Transformational Leaders

“A unique, powerful story that combined health, advocacy, business, and the arts...an incredible piano performance! I highly recommend Nancy.”

—Halle Tecco, Managing Director, Rock Health

The Opportunity: The long hours required for success in business today can have the unintended consequence of making emerging leaders one-dimensional.

The Solution: Nancy M. Williams’ unique workshop inspires participants to identify or recapture their passions, as a vehicle for tapping into their creative imaginations and broadening their perspectives. A Harvard MBA and former marketing executive, Nancy leverages story, humor, process, and live piano music, to demonstrate how to identify dormant passions and chart a plan towards their realization.

The Results: Pursuit of the passion, both inside and outside of the office, helps emerging leaders to become truly transformational.


Selected Engagements

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  • Your Voice: Make Yourself Heard, Panel Discussion and Piano Performance, XX in Health Retreat for Female Leaders in Health Care, Harvard Club of New York City, March 31, 2015
  • How Claiming Your Passion Leads to a More Meaningful Life, Panel Discussion and Piano Performance, Harvard Business School Women's Association of New York, New York City, Dec. 1, 2014
  • Transformation Through Passion, Panel Discussion and Piano Performance, Stanford Women's Network, New York City, April 30, 2014


“Nancy was a speaker at our annual women's event with 200 attendees. She shared a unique, powerful story that combined health, advocacy, business, and the arts. Nancy also impressed our attendees with an incredible piano performance! I highly recommend Nancy for your event, too.”
—Halle Tecco, Managing Director, Rock Health

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“Nancy is a great storyteller and shares her personal and sometimes painful experiences with grace, humility and humor. I attended her panel discussion on ‘How Claiming your Passion Creates a More Meaningful Life’ for the HBSWANY and learned about her personal challenges. While her hearing loss has presented obstacles, it has not discouraged her from finding her passion and taking action to do the things she loves. Listening to Nancy was inspiring.”
—Bettina Klein, Entrepreneur

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“I quickly became captivated and totally engaged... the use of piano music as a basis to complement Nancy’s story and the workshop’s progressive steps was highly effective and motivating. I believe this workshop will help anyone with achieving their personal and professional goals.”
—Leon Mills, Executive Director, CHHA Newfoundland and Labrador

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“Nancy M. Williams is an ideal speaker for women in business. Her insights into following one’s passion combined with her own experience in the business world make for a unique, inspirational, and relevant presentation. Her talk, combined with her moving piano performance, helps individuals in all walks of business as they seek to develop their leadership skills and align their career with their passions.”
—Kathleen Murray, President, Harvard Business School Women's Association of New York City, Founder McMorran Strategists, Angel Investor and Advisor

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